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India as vibrant, growing and investable economy

Over a period of time India has emerged as one of the vibrant, growing and prime investment economy in the world. Led by strong economic growth, a vibrant economy with a large democratic setup, a broad based legal framework with a vast network of bank branches, financial institutions and well-organized capital and money markets makes India a favorable destination for investments. Additionally, India has a large reservoir of skilled manpower at an internationally competitive cost. This, coupled with a large entrepreneurial base and a diversified manufacturing structure, makes it easy to attract investments into the country. Following indicators reaffirms faith in the emerging India story and its investment attractiveness. Ultimately, all these factors will empower India to become one of the world's largest super power economies by 2050 after China and US. It’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger.. As per IMD Competitiveness index, India ranks 11th on business efficiency and 12th on economic performance, this reaffirms further attractiveness to play. To summarize, India has got extreme potential and favorable governing factors to pay-off investors higher returns with stability and substantial growth.

Shaping of new age India

India has started taking shape for the new age. Prominent publication have shared stories around India's transformation. It shows that India is poised to grow and walk on the fundamental growth trajectory to create its footprint on global agenda for becoming the world's largest economy in coming years.


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